Of Royal Cloth
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"Until the last one knows they are heirs of Kings and Queens"

- Founders Of Royal Cloth




A set of Ghanaian twins established Of Royal Cloth to celebrate the beauty inherent in culture, diversity and heritage. Unprecedented moments in history that have recently unfolded including the remarkable success with Marvel's Black Panther compelled these twins to create an offering ahead of the movie that would give people traditional African attire to wear from the premiere. The brothers decided that they would make this "pop up" permanent. They felt that this moment in history demanded it. While Marvel's Black Panther's milestone and elevated casting of not only people of color but of African and heritage, it stands along with the not-so-elevated images of these people beyond Hollywood. 



The twins want to press into continuing to develop and eventually launch a company that through its offering of custom made African attire, can play a tremendous role in giving value to a heritage and to a people that indeed come from a vibrant, rich and of course, royal roots.